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Founded in 2004, VeryPC began as a small family business and has grown into a leading provider of sustainable IT solutions for the UK education sector. Initially focused on computer hardware retail and IT services for local charities and businesses, we soon pivoted to providing high quality, sustainable, locally manufactured computer hardware for the education sector nationally.
VeryPC is dedicated to innovation and sustainability. We continuously reinvest our profits to enhance our products and customer experiences. Our mission is straightforward: to develop computer solutions that solve problems, save time, and deliver strong value.

Our mission:

“To manufacture computer solutions that solve problems, save time and deliver best in class value.” 

Sustainability is integral to our operations. We aim to grow through practices that prioritise environmental care and strengthen community and customer bonds. As we expand, we maintain our family-oriented culture, treating every customer, partner, and colleague as an essential part of the VeryPC family.
We strive to be trusted advisers, providing high-quality, customised IT products and services that address specific challenges. Through direct solutions or strategic partnerships, we focus on boosting productivity and sustainability, pushing towards our goal of being a respected UK-based IT manufacturer.

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