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EdTech: Where are we now? Research

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What’s really happening in the EdTech space? How ready are our schools to make the most of technology? Where are we on our roadmap of improvement, how does this vary, and what do we need to do to move forwards? 

As the not-for-profit independent organisation focusing on school improvement through the effective use of educational technology, Naace has made it our mission to find out – and will use these insights to further the development of best practice across the board.  

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The Research 


In January 2024, we launched a 12-month research project that engages all UK schools in sharing their experiences of EdTech.

Aligned with the six elements of our Naace EdTech Review Framework (a tool that’s already helped 14,000 schools map their journey of improvement with EdTech), this study will provide a holistic – and fully independent – appraisal of EdTech in UK schools.

Our research will be broken down into the following elements which reflect our EdTech Review Framework (ERF).

  • Leadership and management

  • Teaching and learning with technology

  • Assessment of digital capability

  • Digital safeguarding

  • Professional development

  • Resources and technology  

Results will be released at Bett 2025 for industry discussion and on-going analysis.

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We are grateful to our Headline Partner for helping enable this research project.
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Sponsorship & Partnership opportunities 

Naace is keen to work with organisations and individuals with a passion for education and technology.


If you are interested in sharing your expertise and your own research or if you can help us spread the word about our research please email:

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