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A Boy and His Tablet Device

About Us: Who is NAACE?

We are the National Association for Education Technology

NAACE is a community of teachers, school leaders, advisors, consultants, and commercial partners working across all areas of UK education who share a vision for the developing role of technology in education.

As a professional association, we support schools to embed the use of technology by collating the latest research in our Advancing Education Journal, gathering evidence of good practice from schools that have been awarded NaaceMark, and providing access to our EdTech Review Framework to support schools in their EdTech journey.

We undertake independent research on behalf of our members into the state of education technology across the sector. The results of which reveal a detailed picture of where we are now with EdTech in the UK, the challenges for schools, and the approaches that can be taken to address those challenges.

Learning with Tablets
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