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Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management is one of the six elements in our online EdTech Review Framework. But what does Leadership and Management mean?

The Leadership and Management element covers three areas:

 A school’s overall vision for the role of technology

We aim to help schools build a strong vision for the role of EdTech in their classrooms, but also their wider community. We believe this vision should be frequently reviewed and embraced by all school stakeholders.

  Implementation and monitoring


We want to help ensure strong and empowered leadership to distribute and coordinate technology effectively. We aim to support school stakeholders in implementing thorough evaluations of the impact of technology in a creative, innovative, and forward-thinking way.

Business functions, information management, data and communication.


We aim to ensure the management and strategy of technology, pupil performance, and consideration of risk is embraced by all and is continuously updated in light of new technologies.

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